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Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by BirminghamLiving


Hand Picked Bars

Below are some hand picked bars that offer something truly unique, other than real ale. If you fancy a little piece and quiet whilst you’re drinking and something a bit different, then these places might just be for you – enjoy!

Pitcher and Piano – Piano Bar

As discussed earlier in this post at the top, we stated that there are plenty of places to eat and drink in Birmingham if you’re looking for something a little less hectic, or you’re after quirkiness… Located in Brindley place sitting on the canal is the Pitcher and Piano. The perfect location for the heat right? Correct. This unique, high vibe bar is extremely popular when the sun is out, it’s the perfect location to soak up the sun and enjoy some pitchers that’s for sure. Pitcher and Piano have 17 other bars spotted around the UK and the majority of them are nestled in the heart of Big Cities. Whether it’s the breakfast you’re after, your lunch break, cocktails and wine after work or you’re seeking a great night out, this is your venue.

This particular Pitcher and Piano is highly recommended by local residents and tourists. These tourists are not here for sight-seeing, they are out for an unforgettable night out. Pitcher and Piano offer specialist services for big groups including the Christmas Duration. So whether you’re after a hen do, birthday, family reunion or a big night out to celebrate the weekend – the Pitcher and Piano takes all great news seriously, offering you an unforgettable experience!

The Rose Villa Tavern – American Style Menu / Unique bar

Most people will say (usually the blokes) that they don’t care what’s hanging from the ceiling or what the inside of a pub looks like, but they do care about the quality of their ale and if their barman is great to talk with or even better – their is football or some form of sports selection, including darts, pool table, bandit etc… However, the interior to most people is crucial – it sets the mood and when done correctly, it can really lift anybody’s mood and more customers want to be in this environment, right? If you’re a lover of stained glass windows, antique furniture and rejuvenated pub seating areas, then this is a place for you since this tavern was built back in between 1919-1920 meaning it’s definitely kept it’s characteristics. The best part is that The Rose Villa Tavern is set in the Jeweler Quarter, if you’re not familiar with that it’s a major shopping center in Birmingham – so the ladies can shop and the men can drink! If you’re looking for American theme style food, rest assured happy wheels demo you can indulge in classic American Style Diner options, and if you’re drinking as a couple, friends or as work colleagues or even alone, you will find the up most classic cocktail lists and global beers to comedy nights and festivals, a great place to drink in the afternoon and into the evening! Overall, it’s a happily affordable place and is your best spot for chatting and drinking, relaxing with friends and for those unique and vintage lovers.

The Jekyll and Hyde – Alice in Wonderland Themed Beer Garden

When have you come across an Alice in Wonderland inspired bar before? Not very likely I suppose! The Jekyll and Hyde Beer Garden offer their bespoke and tailored cocktail lists on their two floor layout. Upstairs you will find the Victorian Gin parlor which is open after 5pm on a Friday and Saturday night. It sounds like a bit of a wacky warehouse so far doesn’t it? Outside is where you will find the Alice in Wonderland themed courtyard, and upstairs is strictly Victorian themed, you can’t find more quirkiness in one place if you tried. As far as the drinks are concerned, you won’t be served by the Mad Hatter or Alice (sorry, no can do!) – however you can have a drink on them if you’re opting for the cocktails which include the Chimney Sweep and the Prince Albert Punch. Those cocktail names were inspired by the bar name itself, so you won’t be finding those cocktails elsewhere, another truly unique feature. Overall, the Jekyll and Hyde is one of the coolest and quirkiest places to drink in Birmingham. For all of the gin-lovers, cocktail fanatics and relaxed weekday drinkers – this is your place if you’re looking for something a little different on your night out in Birmingham.

Symphony Hall – Lady-wood (Added Extra Feature – Must go!)

Are you after a theater or a concert? Then the Symphone Hall is your best place to go. Rated Number One in Trip Advisor, this theater is truly impressive. A beautiful concert hall known best for the size of the hall and the amazing acoustic sounds. THSH (Town hall Birmingham, Symphony Hall Birmingham) are behind this amazing feature spot who believe that music has the up most power to transform everybody’s life, mindset and output on life. Symphony Hall opened back in 1991 and has celebrated their 21st anniversary three years ago which was a huge festival, a major hit for tourists, holiday makers and local residents. Whether you go weak at the knees for Jazz, Stevie Wonde, Musicals or comedians, you’ll be sure to find the perfect upcoming event for you and the whole family.

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